When you are suffering from an issue that nobody else around you
has ever had or seen before you can feel all alone. But rest assured
you do have company. And no, we don't all have Diabetes, HIV or
Hepatitis. Tongue discolorations and geographic tongue are
symptoms of our overall health. Most likely due to oral and digestive
tract issues. Our oral health is also tied largely to what we eat. This
is why our tongue colors come and go or flare up and fade. I know
for me when drinking tea or coffee, soda (no not orange soda as
some people believe is the only way to get an orange tongue), or
eating sweets the Orange critters would light up like the 4th of July.

It is my understanding that Orange and Yellow tongues are pretty
much the same issue as it affects us individually in different ways.
We can scrape it off, brush it off and clean it off but it comes right
back. So we are in the same boat. Thrush is not what we have. I
believe the fungus may be closely related to Candida Albicans,
however it is not the same. The first doctor I went too insisted it must
be, mostly due to his lack of knowledge about what else it could
be...and so I was treated for that. It did not work. Thrush is splotchy
and white and all over your mouth, while we all know that what we
have or have had is specific to our tongues and does not spread.

So whether your tongue is yellow or orange...maybe even red, you
can find company and relief here. Also, if you have pictures you
would like to share with others in the same boat as you so that they
can see what exactly is going on, send them to me. I will share them
and maybe you can help someone out.

What Color is your tongue?
What is Causing your discolored tongue?
Most likely what is causing your tongue discoloration is a
bacterial or chemical imbalance. These issues do not lend
themselves to an easy diagnosis. This is why our doctors
often don't know what to tell us. However the cause could be
a fungal infection. Even fungal infections can many times be
overcome using natural remedies and your body's own
immune system. Often Yellow/Orange tongue are a
pre-cursor to Black Hairy Tongue, so unless you want your
tongue to look like a is important to get it
taken care of now, before it gets worse.

It is also important to converse with your doctor though, as
there could be more serious issues. Yellow/Orange tongue
can be a symptom of Hepatitis or HIV. So if you could
possibly have contracted one of these diseases, it is
important to get tested immediately.