Our health is a very complicated and convaluded thing to manage, but it i
s extremely important to take care of it the best we can. Taking care of
our health does not necessarily come easily but it definitely is worth the
effort involve as it can lead to a longer lifespan so we have more time to
spend with the ones we love and doing the things we enjoy doing. Since
taking care of our health is something we should strive to do, we should
not ignore the warning signs that tell us something is amiss. The warning
signs that indicate coming issues can come in many forms. One of the
most blantant, yet most often overlooked is the state of the tongue.

The tongue is a great indicator of what is going on in your body. The
state of the tongue can let you know what is going on even though you
may not have other outward symptoms yet. Differences in the tongue
can be textural, aesthetic or even just a feeling you have. For instance a
dry tongue can be one of the easiest ways to tell if you are dehydrated.
Another indication of dehydration can also be expressed in a cracked
tongue which can also be known as "scrotal tongue".

A cracked tongue, or "lingua Plicata", could also be benign and caused by irritants such as alchohol, tobacco or acid reflux. It
could also be a sign of of something more. Diabetes is a health issue that affects huge portions of our population. Diabetics
are more susceptible to yeast infections which can present itself in the mouth through a cracked tongue or as an oral fungal
infection known as "candida albicans".

Candida albicans is known as "thrush" when it is confined to the mouth. Thrush can also be seen as white splotches or
lesions on the tongue. Also known as Hoof and Mouth disease thrush can affect animals as well as humans. This disease is
caused by a bacteria which lives undetected in 80% of the human population. It does effect immunocompromised individuals
more often as well as people who have had their tongue pierced.

A bright orange tongue has become a more common ailment lately as well. Orange tongue discolorations are not well known
about in the general public or the medical community yet, but cases of it do seem to be springing up more often lately.
Whether this is due to medications, our diet or a stonger strain of bacteria is yet to be known for sure. It does seem that it can
be attributed to a normal flora that is present in the mouth, which seems to overtake the other good bacteria .

Another tongue disorder is the yellow tongue color. When the tongue itself is actually yellow, it most likely can be diagnosed
as Jaundice which is caused by an overloaded or damage liver that's unable to function properly. Just because it appears
yellow, does not automatically mean you have Jaundice though. It could just be a coating. A yellow coating may be
accompanied by bad breath. This type of yellow tongue issue could be caused by breathing through the mouth such as one
does when they have a stuffy nose.

There are many things that our body uses as a means to get our attention. From our temperature to our blood there are many
things we can test to make sure our health is on track or to help diagnose an existing problem. Let's be sure to include
making sure we have a normal healthy tongue color as one of the barometers we use.

What Color is your tongue?