Tongue Color
A site dedicated to helping you make
sense of and treat your discolored

While suffering from a case of what I like to call Orange
Tongue Syndrome (obviously named for the orange
tongue color), I realized there were very few resources
for people like me who were looking for a cure or
treatment for their tongue discolorations. In fact, many
resources I could find insinuated it was either no big
deal to have a wierd tongue color or there was really
nothing that could be done about it. Even my doctor, as
well as many other people's doctors it seems, tend to
think it is just something that we should learn to deal
with and accept the absence of any explanation for what
causes a color on our tongues. For many, including me,
this is unacceptable. As I write this I now have a healthy
looking, pink I had before this whole
ordeal. For people like me who refuse to give in to the
tongue inhabiting culprits that make us look and feel
weird, I have put together this site as a resource for
battle. Take a look around, see what has worked for me
and others and maybe it can help you too.
Let's Work For a Healthy Tongue Color
What Brings You Here
Whether you are plagued by a yellow tongue,
red tongue, brown tongue or an orange tongue
color, I hope you find the answers here. If you
find something here that works for you I would
like to hear about it. If you know of something
that helps cure a tongue color that I haven't
mentioned, let me know about that too. My
main goal is that you can get your swollen
colored tongue back to a healthy tongue color.